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Can I share the room with more than one person?

We apologize but we only offer 2-guest room options at the moment.

Can I use Journeyhop to share rooms in other hotels that aren't listed on the website?

Journeyhop's service is only applicable to the hotels posted on our website because we work specifically with them to ensure that we can deliver the best value with the lowest price possible for our guests.

If I know the hotel offers rooms other than the ones listed here, am I allowed to book those rooms through Journeyhop?

The Journeyhop room listing is curated to always maintain a certain level of room quality and is constantly updated with accurate room availability. We highly recommend you to choose the rooms available on our website.

Why should I use Journeyhop?

Not only does Journeyhop keep top-rated rooms affordable and within budget, this platform provides you the opportunities to network and build quality professional relationships with others attending the same event as you. And it's safe as all users undergo a vetting process before they’re allowed to book.

What payment options does Journeyhop accept?

Check out our payment policy here: https://www.journeyhop.com/payment-policy

How do I share a hotel room on Journeyhop?

1. Complete your profile

Before you're able to create any listings or send requests to initial guests, we require all guests to create a profile that lets others get to know you a little better. By creating transperancy from the get-go, it allows us to keep to certain safety standards in order to help our guests travel with more confidence.

2. Find your roommate

It's as simple as it gets. If you are the initial guest, choose the room that best suits you, complete the reservation and wait to see if another guest would like to room with you. Once an added guest has sent you a request and you've accepted, you have a new roommate. If you are the added guest, do the same! If you find a room that you'd like to book and there's already an initial guest, just send them a request. If they accept, you can continue with your reservation.

3. Book the room

Once you've found your roommate and accepted the request, you can proceed to booking the hotel room by making the payment. You'll receive confirmation from us at Journeyhop and then you're good to go.

What if I want to stay for a different length of time than my roommate?

As a general rule, we encourage the added guest to choose a room in which the initial guest has the same stay duration to keep things simple. However, if you two really would like to room together, it's possible! You just have to work things out with each to ensure the room is fully paid for.

How can I check the status of my reservation?

You can check the status of your reservation at any time through the embedded link in your confirmation email. Or you can log into your account and check your reservation status that way.

How can I check in at the hotel?

Just how you normally would. You are required to present both a valid ID and your reservation. You can check in separately from your roommate.

How do I know my reservation is successful?

Depending on your account notification settings, a text (SMS) or an email—or both if you'd like the reassurance—about your reservation will be sent to you once it is completed.

When will I be charged for my booking?

Both roommates will be charged at the same time: after you've agreed to be roommates and have proceeded to creating the actual room reservation. If you'd like to adjust your reservation after payment, please refer to the Cancellation and Refund header on our payment policy page.

Do I have the same hotel services as a standard hotel guest?

Yes, you will receive the hotel’s full services as dictated for the room you’ve booked.

How can I contact you if I’d like to file a complaint?

"If you are unsatisfied in any way with our services, we apologize! We learn from our mistakes and we would love to hear from you so we can improve our services for next time. You can leave us a message here: Contact Us. If you are unsatisfied with the hotel service, we encourage you to contact the hotel directly for assistance."

Initial Guest — You’re the first guest who initiates the booking on Journeyhop
Can I choose the guest with whom I share the room?

Of course! At Journeyhop, we want you to feel comfortable and getting to choose who you room with plays a huge part in that. Guests who wish to share your room will send you requests and you will be able to choose one before the booking proceeds.

If I’ve already accepted a request, can I cancel if I find someone else I would like to room with instead?

If you decide you would like to cancel, you must submit a request to your added guest. Your request must be accepted by your added guest for the reservation to be cancelled.

Will I be contacted by Journeyhop when there is an added guest who wants to share the room with me?

All notifications about roommates will be sent to you both on the Journeyhop platform and through email. Once we make the introduction, you can start a conversation with your roommate. Easy as that.

How much am I supposed to pay when I book the room?

As the initial guest, you will have to pay full posted price as in one single payment. However, your roommate will be paying their half at the same time and that payment will be transferred directly to you.

How will I receive the refund?

Once your refund is reflected in your Journeyhop account, you can transfer the money into an account of your choosing. You can check on the status of the refund by following these steps: Log In with your account --> Account --> Information --> Balance

Added Guest — You’re the second guest who would like to share a listed room
Can I make mutiple requests to different initial guests?

Yes. As an added guest, you can make mutiple requests until one of your requests is accepted.

How can I contact the initial guest?

Journeyhop is a one stop shop. We have a built-in communication platform that lets guests email and chat one another to plan details and to make sure it's a good fit.

What should I do if the initial guest cancels the reservation?

We apologize for the inconvience. Please refer to our Refund Policy.

Event organizer
Why should I partner with Journeyhop?

In terms of ease and convenience, Journeyhop will be the best solution for both you and your guests to deal with accomodation. Our benefits include: 1. It takes less than 2 minutes to find rooms at the best location for the best price. 2. There's no contract. No fee. No obligation. 3. You earn 50% of the commision whenever your attendees make a reservation.

What is the best way to integrate Journeyhop with our own system?

Once you agree to join the Journeyhop Partnership Program, you will need to sign up as an event organizers and create a page for your event. From there, you will be able to integrate our platform with your own system through these methods: 1. Include the provided hotel reservation link in your attendee's ticket confirmation email. 2. Add our widget to your website.

What is my responsibility during my guest’s stay?

You have enough on your hands making sure your event runs smoothly. Let us deal with everything else. We will make sure that your attendees have the best hotel experience so they're well-rested and ready to go when they arrive.

When will I receive my earnings?

We will transfer your commission to the account of your choosing 1-2 weeks after your event is over.

How do I track my earning?

We use a real-time guest tracking system that allows us to continuously monitor all website traffic and to update the number of your attendees using our service. We will send you our reports on a daily basis.


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